Coronavirus Is Hitting Big On Tech Giant Companies

Many people are worried about their health because of the sudden outbreak of Coronavirus in China. However, things are getting harder in the USA also because tech companies are trying their best to prevent the deadly virus so that people would not get infected with it. Some cases of Coronavirus have been found in the USA also, which makes things quite dangerous even though the number is small. Authority board members of big tech companies like Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazon are urging their employees not to travel and follow the required precautions which will save them from this deadly virus. Because of coronaviruses outbreak, big tech companies have canceled many events and conferences which is making tech enthusiastic sad but it was inevitable. After finding out that one of its employees got infected with Coronavirus, Google is trying to postpone the I/O developer conference in May. Even though precise details haven’t been published but it’s entirely possible the meeting will be an online conference rather than in-meet person meetup.

Facebook and Microsoft are also following the same path because of the deadly virus outbreak. Microsoft has reportedly pulled out from this year’s much-awaited gaming developers conferences which are happening in San Francisco during the summer. Facebook also said that they are making significant changes to their much popular F8 developers conference which is going to be held in San Jose city. F8 developer conferences now rather will be a small meetup of developers and not a big event. All tech companies employees know now that they are facing a quite hard situation, but they don’t know for how much period it will last. Microsoft not only cancelled their participation in the conference but also cancelled the global travel of its employees. Things are getting turned at the same level in other tech companies too, which was already anticipated by tech experts.

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